We’re a bike shop with two convenient locations for pick up in new town and old town Key West.

The largest south of Miami, with the widest selection, the best rentals and the friendliest staff in all of the Keys!

Stop by the shop on US 1 just as you leave Key West. We do bike rentals, bike repair of all sizes, and bikes for sale. You can’t miss our zany green shop with the massive bike pyramid sculpture out front.  With the best prices, the best service, and the staff that has the most fun.
Let We Cycle get you rolling today!

Hours: 9am – 5pm Daily

Did you say bike rentals?
We have free delivery.

Reserve online or call.

Included with any We Cycle bike rental is a complementary drop off and pick up service of your new ride. From Key West to Key Haven, you can get your bike delivered to your doorstep. Our rentals are professionally maintained and your satisfaction is guaranteed! NOTE: Bicycle rentals are reserved by CALENDAR DAY, not by hour. If you rent a bike, it is due by 9am the morning after your reservation period ends.

A bike the fastest mode of transport in Old Town, and the healthiest form of transit to combat those vacation buffets and beverages. And it feels great, too!
Take a look at our Key West bike rental selection.

We have the widest selection of bikes in town!

Our pros will fix you up.

We give roadside assistance!

If you break down with one of our rental bikes, just give our service team a call and we’ll be there as fast as we can. We are on call from 9am to 5pm Sunday through Saturday. If you rented the bike from us, this is completely free. We’ll even bring a spare bike in case we can’t fix it without the big boy tools back at the shop.

It doesn’t need to be a rental! We’re here to help the whole cycling community of Key West, offering the highest quality parts and premium repair services. Ask us about our bike repair rates.

Like it should be.

We love our island home!

And we try to give as much back as it has given us over the years. That’s why at WeCycle, we organize fun biking events and festivities. The most famous of these is the Zombie Bike Ride that kicks off Fantasy Fest every year.

It all started when just a couple of us around town thought it might be fun to ride around town in tattered, dirty clothes, pale face makeup and, of course, lots of fake blood. What started as a group of friends taking random bike routes around town in zombie swag in 2009 has grown to be an enormous event. The 2019 Zombie Bike Ride’s four mile course saw over 10,000 zombies on bicycles!

We Cycle Key West
(And you can too!)