Bike Maintenance and Service Station in Key West

Our full service repair department can handle it all. We strive to have it in stock, if we don’t we’ll get it for you. We always have a professional, friendly mechanic on staff, so we can fix the small stuff while you wait – flat tires are always fixed on the spot. Or, you can check it in for an overhaul.

Your Key West cruiser goes through a lot. Ours certainly do. All that salty air and occasional torrents from passing thunderheads are eating away at your bike. And lets be serious…who doesn’t just keep their bike locked up somewhere random outside in Old Town?  A tune up will shake away the cobwebs and get your bike back to cruising the Key West streets.  Even if its been years since you’ve geared up, you’ll jump right back into it—just like riding a…

We turn the wrench so you don't have to!
Bring it in and we'll get you cycling Key West in no time.

We stock everything from cruiser parts to high end racing parts. So, whether your bike is a beater or a well-oiled machine we've got what need.

Bike Maintenance Labor Rates

Shop rate for all service not listed is billed at $60 per hour. E-Bike rates are $80 per hour, with 1/2 hour minimum on diagnostics. The minimum service charge is $5.00.

Tune Ups

Includes: True and tension wheels; adjust front and rear hubs, bottom bracket, headset bearings; adjust brakes and gears; wipe down the frame and lube chain. Also includes installation of brake pads and any cables.

Drive Train Cleaning Includes: Cleaning of crankset, chain, cassette, front and rear derailleur. Also includes installation of new chain and cassette.

The Basic Check Includes: Check for proper tire inflation, lubricate chain, barrel adjustment of gears/ breaks and inspection for further needs.

Multi-Speed Bicycle $79.00

Add new cables and housing, per cable $5.00

Single Speed/Coaster (Adult & Children’s bikes) $49.00

Recumbent $119.00

Drive Chain Cleaning $40.00

New Bike Tune Up (within 90 days of purchase) FREE

The Basic Check $20.00

Charge for extra dirty bikes $15.00

Rush Service $20.00


Includes: Complete disassembly of bike down to frame; thorough cleaning and inspection of frame; thorough washing of drive train in industrial parts cleaner; reassembly with new bearings and grease as needed.

Multi-Speed Bicycle $199.00

Single Speed/Coaster (Adult & Children’s bikes) $120.00

Recumbent $239.00

Triathalon / Time Trial Bicycle $249.00

Flat Repair $10.00

Flat Repair Internal Hub $15.00

Flat Repair E-Bike with Simple Disconnect $20.00

Flat Repair E-Bike with Other/External Motor $40.00

True Wheel $15.00-$20.00

Replace Spoke and True Front Wheel $20.00 – $25.00

Replace Spoke and True Rear Wheel $25.00 – $30.00

Additional Spoke, each $2.00

Glue Tubular $40.00 and Up

Flats & Wheel Truing

Wheel Builds

Front Wheel $50.00

Rear Wheel $55.00

Specialty Wheels (i.e. tubeless, electric, etc.) $80.00 and Up

Race Wheel Swap

Hidden Brakeset $60.00

Non-Hidden Brakeset $40.00


Adjust Hub $10.00 – $20.00

Front Hub Overhaul $18.00

Rear Hub Overhaul $20.00 – $35.00

Derailleur & Drivetrain

Derailleur Adjustment $12.00

Derailleur Replacement $20.00

Replace Cassette $12.00

Replace Chain $12.00

Replace Cable and Adjust (Includes Cable) $15.00 and Up

Install STI/Ergo Levers (Road or Mountain) $75.00

Install MTB Shifters $35.00


Adjust Rear or Front Brake $12.00

Replace Cable and Adjust (Includes Cable) $20.00

Replace Brake Pads (all types, per wheel) $15.00

Replace non-STI/Ergo Levers $35.00

Install New Brake Arms $20.00

Mechanical Disc Brakes Installation (per wheel) $30.00

Hydraulic Rim & Disc Brake Installation and Bleeding (per wheel) $35.00

Hydraulic Rim & Disc Brake Bleeding Only (per wheel) $20.00

Headset & Bottom Bracker

Adjust Bottom Bracket or Headset $15.00

Repack/Replace Bottom Bracket or Headset $20.00

Install Fork (Includes Cutting Steer Tube) $40.00

Install Fork and Headset $60.00

Remove or Install Cups in Frame Only $15.00

Remove Seized Bottom Bracket (per hour) $60.00

Bicycle Boxing

WeCycle will provide boxes and pack bicycles in boxes. We do not generate shipping labels; however, we will apply customer generated labels to the box and ensure the package gets to the appropriate carrier.

Box to Ship Standard Bicycle $75.00

Assemble Bicycle from Box $75.00

Assemble New Bicycle Bought Elsewhere $75.00 and Up

Box to Ship Tri Bike (per hour) $60.00

Unbox and Build Tri Bike(per hour) $60.00

Accessory Installation

Change Stem and/or Handlebar $20.00 – $40.00

Tape Handlebars $15.00

Rear Rack $15.00 and Up

Basket $15.00

Fenders $15.00

Kickstand $5.00 – $10.00

Aerobars $20.00 – $40.00

All Other Accessories $5.00 and Up

Handlebar Computer Installation

Computer Install, Single/Dual Pickup $15.00 – $20.00

Computer Battery Install & Reprogram $15.00

All Other Electronics Services (per hour, i.e. SRM, etc.) $60.00

Car Rack Installation Rates

Saris Bones Rack $15.00

Receiver Rack w/ Assembly $25.00

All Others (per hour) $60.00

Let our team of professionals tune your bike back to like-new condition.

The Florida Keys and Key West host some of the best opportunities for cycling in the United States. With warm weather year round, gentle breezes and no hills, it is one of the few places in the world that have the opportunity for a truly car free lifestyle. But, these unique conditions also present unique maintenance challenges.

The rest of the country gets away with a once a year visit to the bike shop to tune up at the beginning of riding season. You ride for a couple of months, then pack the bike in the garage and bring it back to the shop again after the thaw.

With our year round riding in salty, humid and high UV conditions, our bikes need more frequent attention. Unless stored indoors in climate controlled conditions, we recommend at minimum a “quick tune” every 120 days with every 90 days being optimum. Even if you don’t ride it. This is a low cost service and can be performed while you wait. “Quick Tune” includes a general safety check, wipe down of bicycle, lubrication of chain, minor shift and brake adjustment, air pressure check, hub check, bearing check, and fastener check. Any bike having gone longer than 4 months without service, especially through the summer rainy season, will likely need to be checked in for a “Full Tune.”